Rideshare Orange County

So, hi there, if you are thinking of joining Lyft in Orange County, please reach out to me. You have my email and my text beneath this video. I’m available 365 days a year if you have general questions, if you want to know how the Orange County market and the LA market work, you will find yourself traveling between them very, very often, especially because people need to fly out from John Wayne Airport or from LAX, Los Angeles. So, you will be between those two areas constantly. I can share a wealth of information with you. My link to join is at that website just click straight through to lyftorangecounty.net and sign up right there. You will get the highest Lyft bonus from me. Again as you know, I’m available every day of the year. I always get back to you. Easiest is to simply text or email me. Have a great day.

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